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Think twice before you buy a bunny for someone for Easter

News release provided by the Monterey County Health Department.

Baby chicks, bunnies and ducks may seem like the perfect Easter basket addition, but think twice! These cute babies grow up into large, adult animals requiring full-time care.

Rabbits make wonderful pets, but they aren't care-free pets. They have to be taken care of just like you would a dog or a cat. Rabbits commonly live for 8-10 years, and can live as long as 15, depending upon the breed, so it is a long-term commitment. Other factors to consider include the fact that not as many vets are experienced with rabbits, so your veterinary costs could be higher than you might expect to pay for a dog.

Dear Jon: Save yourself an inspection fee with the water district

Dear Jon: Save yourself an inspection fee with the water district

If you're doing any remodeling this spring you should be aware that your water faucets, shower heads and toilets need to be compliant with the water districts codes.

Steve wrote to me and asked, "Dear Jon, Do I have to pay the $105 inspection fee to the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, even though I sent my invoices saying that I upgraded my appliances?"

You did the right thing in sending in the invoices, but if the invoices don't spell out that the new appliances meet certain flow rates you may be in trouble.

I called the district and here's what their policy is. The first on-site district inspection on a property is always free. If that property is in compliance, they'll provide you with a passing report. If after an inspection, they find that appliances need to be upgraded to meet the acceptable specifications, they'll issue a compliance report.

Dear Jon: Abandoned cars don't have to be an eyesore

Dear Jon: Abandoned cars don't have to be an eyesore

Let’s face it; the last thing you want is for an abandoned car to be an eyesore in front of your home. Bryan sent me note and asked, “Dear Jon, there's a car parked on the street in front of my house. I've asked the neighbors if it's their car and it's not. How do I deal with this nuisance?”

Local students make national robotics competition

Local students make national robotics competition

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif.-Three Monterey County high school students are headed to the national robotics tournament championship.  Five high schools competed in San Jose.  Students from York School, Carmel High School and Seaside High School are now headed to Saint Louis, MO to compete for the title of best robotics team.

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Seaside police chief faces vote of no confidence from officers

In Seaside Tuesday, the Seaside Police Officers Association held a news conference to talk about its vote of no confidence against Police Chief Vicki Myers.

The Seaside Police Officers Association and the Pacific Grove Police Officers Association said they both voted months ago, saying they were unhappy with the chief's treatment of her officers. They questioned how the city is handling their vote of no confidence. Our reporter Michelle Pulido was told by the city they are looking into the allegations.

Myers is chief for both Seaside and Pacific Grove.

She issued this statement Monday night, calling the situation unfortunate:

"We have many good, hard working people that are committed and dedicated to our community and doing the right thing for the right reasons. We will continue to focus and build upon the good things we are doing, while addressing any concerns our members have," said Myers.

Buses, roadways focus of new transportation money

The Transportation Agency for Monterey County secured millions in additional funding for important local transportation projects. Among the new funding, the Transportation Agency received $18.6 million for the construction of the Capitol Corridor Extension to Monterey County, $3.3 million towards the Imjin Road Widening project, and an additional $2 million for the purchase of new buses for Monterey‐Salinas Transit. The additional funding is part of Monterey County’s 2014 Regional Transportation Improvement Program, which reflects TAMC’s dedication to improving statewide and regional travel by constructing high‐priority highway, road, rail, bicycle, and pedestrian transportation projects.

Marina man sentenced to prison for 9 years for strangling his wife

A Marina man is headed to state prison for nine years for strangling his wife in 2011, according to the Monterey County District Attorney's Office.

Michael Fortner was convicted of assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury. Prosecutors say he strangled his wife twice on Nov. 4, 2011, causing her to become unconscious.

Last week, Fortner was sentenced to four years in prison on the assault charge and an additional five years for personally inflicting great bodily injury.